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Parts Clearence!

In an effort to stock more available parts for the latest trucks, our Dunmore parts team is looking to clear out their older parts inventory.

Check out what we have available. We have special pricing on listed items and are looking to move them. Contact our Dunmore parts team today at 570-343-4300.

Part #                               Item description



WWS-20814-3404                             BOLT,ADJUSTING 9 L


WWS-50296-0003                             RETAINER,CYLINDER


WWS-56101-3470                             HANGER,CURTAIN, CAB/


WWS-63324-3463                             NUT,PUSH LUGG D


WWS-66016-3403                             WASHER-CAB ISOLATOR,5/8ID


WWS-67209-3449                             CROSSBAR, GRILLE SUPP


WWS-121574                     WASHER-LOCK HELSPG .


WWS-515117                     PALNUT, ZINC PLTD


WWS-524074                     CLIP, ASSY


WWS-8003256                   NUT, HEX 1 1/4 – 12 INS


WWS-9011501                   WASHER-RAD SUPPORT,5/8IDx


WWS-9028590                   SCRW PANPHL SST


WWS-9048813                   NUT,SPEED


WWS-9048874                   SPRING


WWS-62102-3531                             SIDE DEFL L/H


23-09793-025                                     1/4-20 SPRING NUT


23-13488-040                                     SCR RND WSHRHD HX RECESS M6X


DNC-51001-3409                               WINDSHIELD, TINTED RH


DNC-9047346                                   GLASS, WINDOW TINTED


WBP-WSS240                                     WIPER ARM COVERS


WWS-4011-3403                               WASHER – FLAT – NYLON


WWS-4012-3427                               CLIP,GRILLE MOU


WWS-4013-3435                               RIVNUT, 1/4 – 20 X 027


WWS-4019-3408-3                           BOLT,HEX .50-20X3.


WWS-4019-3426                               BOLT, SHLDR 38X50


WWS-4019-3427                               BOLT,SHLDR .38X.75


WWS-4019-3432-2                           SCREW


WWS-4019-3474-2                           BOLT, HEX 3/4 – 10X2.50 LONG


WWS-7631-3412                               SEAL, TURN SIGNAL CON


WWS-7830-3580                               ACT-PTO


05-16834-004                     HOSE-ECR,2.00 ID X 4 INCH LO


F8HT-13247-AA                 BOLT M4X29.0 PAN HD>


14-14103-000                     RESRVOIR ASY,STRG


C5ZZ-17531-A                    CLIP W/SHLD WPR


22-51953-001                     PIN


23-11352-302                     BOLT-SHLDR,HX SKT HD,3                            


23-12509-420                     NUT INSERT


23-12644-725                     SCREW MACH


A23-12768-020                  SCREW ASSY – M6X1, 20MM, W


A23-12768-030                  CAPSCREW,HEX M06X30


23-13008-025                     BLT-M8X1.25X28 HX FLNG


33944-S2                              NUT 9/16 – 12


F4HZ-5A281-B                    CLAMP – MUFFLER


D3HZ-5456-A                      NUT 3/4-16 HEX LOC


XC4X-80044H74-A                            SPCR I/PNL BRKT MNTG


F7HZ-8620-FB                    V BELT KIT


F6HZ-9010128-C                                PANEL – BODY ROCKER


A-680-988-06-78                               STUD, 1/4 TURN


N601790-S100                    BOLT M10X1.5X35 HEX


N606689-S55                      SCREW AND WASHER ASY


N623342-S309                  NUT M6X10 U


N808712-S309                    NUT – SPECIA


N808743-S417                    RIVET 64X14MM BLIND


DDE-A4720701032                            FUEL LINE


DDE-A4729970112                            CONTROL VALVE


DDE-A6069971645                            SEAL RING


DDE-A9269900105                            PILOT BEARING KIT


DDE-N000000001072            SEAL RING


DDE-N000000001672            SCREW


DDE-N007603016102            RING GENERAL


DDE-N9150360101                           HOLLOW SCREW


DDE-23512048                   SEAL


DDE-23527272                   O-RING (P)


DDE-23527826                   GASKET P


DDE-23538829                   INJ CUP


DDE-A0009942218                            WAVE RING


DDE-A4570530001                            INTAKE VALVE


DDE-A4600110180                            GASKET


DDE-A4600180180                            GASKET


DDE-A4600700233                            HPFD AND DAMPER (PKGD 6 PER


BOS-6235122-455                             KIT SEAT CVR BLK


DN-P533688                       SPEED NUT


DN-P551767                       FF/WS


DNC-45617-1                      GLASS


DR-8700025                        REMAN ALTERNATOR 35SI/455


LBF-LFF8020                       FUEL/WTR SEP/CUMMI


PNL-30822004                    FNDR GUARDS PR FL AE


PNL-30962009                    EXT PANELS,PR


PNL-30992104                    CAB PANELS


PNL-50742304                    A/C BOX,FRT,PR


PNL-90851026                    TAG HANGER EA FL/KW


DN-EAF5067                       AIR PRIMARY


DN-M110014                      MUFFLER


DN-M111025                      MUFFLER


DN-P206555                       TUBING


DN-P224693                       STACK PIPE


DN-P226154                       3 1/2″ FLEXTUBE


DN-P550248                       FILTER


DN-P554422                       COOLANT FILTER


DN-X004482                       4″ CLAMP


DNC-44530-3                      WDO CAB,RR,20 IN X36-TINT


DNC-48219-1                      GLASS-TINTED,R/H SIDE VNT,FI


DNC-51002-3404                               GLASS, DOOR TINTED


DNC-6816780010                              B CLASS R WDO CLEAR


PEX-56521                           HIGH PERFORMANCE THR


PSO-PPC00091                  DELUXE 5 1/4 WI


RDM-RM08216                  SHOWTIME DETAILER