Quarterly Isuzu Specials

Maintenance Kits – Each Kit Includes an oil filter, fuel Filters, an air filter and wiper blades.

 2-90201-100-0for ’08 N Series Gas Engine$56.25
2-90201-101-0for ’11 4J NPR Engines


2-90201-102-0for ’08-’10 4H N-Series $79.25
2-90201-103-0for ’11 4H N-Series$118.95
2-90201-104-0for ’05 S/Cab, ’06-’07 D/Cab$78.25
2-90201-105-0for ’06-’07 N-Series Diesel$83.25

Essential Fluids – ATF and Coolant Special Prices

2-90531-809-0Engine coolant$22.25
2-90531-815-0Dextron ATF$7.00
2-90531-200-0AISIN SCS ATF9.25

*Pricing Effective through August 2016